A3 Jetta 1993-1998 MKIII


A3 Jetta Air Dam Intake Covers

Part # 1024

These covers replace the reflectors in the front bumper of the A3 Jetta with no stock fog light option.

Price for the set of two (2): $ 25.99

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A3 Jetta Headlight Eyebrows

Part # 1025

Available many stock colors to match the dealer stock paint, and in Primer (ready to paint).

Price for the set of two (2): $ 25.99

Select the color from the list below!

This part is for decoration purpose and does not provide any added performance.





A3 Jetta trunk chromed emblem

Part # 1041

A3 Golf Rear VW Grille Emblem This emblems are for the rear A3 Jetta and it comes in the original Chrome.

Price for the set of two (2): $ 9.99

Shipping 4 – 6 days in the USA for this product

International shipping will be calculated at check out!!


A3 Jetta VW Grille Emblem

Part # 1022

This emblems are for the A2 and A3 Jetta with the big emblem.

It comes in 4 different colors to match your VW color and in the original Chrome. (other colors may be available upon request)

5 Minutes Install!!

Price for the set of two (2): $ 11

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